Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pizza so forgive the idiots around you

For some months or maybe even longer - It has seemed like the right thing for me to do is to write more about food.  I am obviously a huge fan of food, and I think I know a good thing when I taste it.
Therefore, here is my first official post about food I ate in a restaurant.  Prepare to be amazed.

Who:  Il Cane Rosso
What:  pizza
Where:  Dallas, TX
When:  last Thursday night

The Neopolitan Pizza oven - wood fueled and awesome!

We arrived late on a Thursday night - and the place was packed.  The wait was 35 to 40 minutes - but we opted to squeeze in a spot at the bar.  No easy task to battle Dallas folk - but after scoring one lone barstool - a kind busboy wrangled us another stool from the back.  The seats at the end of the bar gave an upfront view of the pizza oven and the pizzas being made!  Each pie was being hand formed and tossed right in front of us.
While I can't lie - the clientele was a bit on the rude and obnoxious side, the waitstaff was fantastic.  Our waitress Rachel gave us great service - something not often found when sitting at the bar.

We ordered up 2 glasses of wine - One Sangiovese and one Barolo.  Also the Salumi Misti as an appetizer


The Salumi Misti was a great starter! Warm fired bread served with marinated olives, pickled vegetables - like a giardinera - but more delicious - gorgeous fresh mozzarella and shavings of parmigiano reggiano - there were also 3 cured meats.
The Luana - almost gone!

For our pizza we chose the Luana - a fresh and fabulous San Marzano tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella, basil, sausage, mushrooms and a spicy soppresata.  I was right back in Italy the instant I bit into it.  If Il Cane Rosso has made it their mission to bring Italian pizza to Dallas - they have succeeded!

For dessert - they really outdid themselves.  The Bella Mela - is the same fabulous crust - but topped first with a vanilla bean mascarpone cheese - they pipe it on....then they add caramelized apples and in it goes to the oven - when it comes out they sprinkle it with sea salt - drizzle caramel and powdered sugar.  SHUT UP!  I know!  It was out of this world.

I left stuffed to the gills - but oh so happy!
I would make a return trip again.
Prices were super reasonable and food was outstanding!
Boni Boni Boni!

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